Gospel Choir

Musical Director Lisa Dunphy 086-1940303 lsdunphy@gmail.com
Chairperson Maurice Hartnett 086-3530262 madmoss63@gmail.com
Asst Chairperson Claire Fitzpatrick 087-9852186 claire_fitzpatrick@yahoo.com
Secretary Trisha Arnold 086-3610574 trisha@tvm.ie
Asst Secretary Anne Gough 087-3446304  
Treasurer Holly McGrath 086-1940303 holmcgrath@gmail.com
Asst Treasurer Lil Conran 086-1940303  
About Our Club:


Castlelyons Gospel Choir began its life in October 2006 from the brainchild of Jack O’ Leary.


Lisa Dunphy is our Musical Director since 2008. We have a choir band consisting on Aoife O’Donovan (Keyboard), Philip Dunphy Jnr (Bass) and Ronan Hickey (Drums).


We practice in Castlelyons Church every Wednesday night.




C.G.C. has taken part in a number of concerts and gigs throughout those years many in a fundraising capacity for various charities and local organisations. We regularly sing at weddings, this is something we really enjoy and get a great buzz from.




One major past highlight for the choir was in 2008 when we performed in a concert with Liam Lawton in Castlelyons. A lot of hard work and commitment was involved from Choir members, band and Director. Liam Lawton was so impressed that he invited the Choir to sing with him in his home parish of Ballymacoda at Christmas time.




A highlight from this past year was a trip to London to join in the London Community Gospel Choir’s 30 year celebration. This weekend was full of workshops and performances, not to mention a successful attempt to break the world record for the largest gospel choir ever in concert.




Please visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/cgchoir.


Our website is www.castlelyonsgospelchoir.com/‎ – please bear with us while it’s under construction. 




Gospel Choir Practice

Castlelyons Gospel Choir

Castlelyons Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir Band

Gospel Choir Band